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5 Tips To Reduce Your Food Waste Today!

To prevent food waste, there are a number of things you can do, which will make a huge difference! Following these tips, I find I have very little, if any food that spoils.

A 'use me first box' is so helpful in reminding you of the food you have going off, or leftovers that need to be used. I have two boxes, one small one for extra veg that I cut and didn't end up using, and a larger lunchbox for food that needs to be used.

When food shopping, always check what you have at home first. Keeping these in mind during your food shop will prevent overbuying, and save you money! Shopping in meals has really helped reduce my food waste. Rather than buying items, and hoping they will be used, I plan out my meals, and only buy exactly what you need.

Once you have your shop, always put your new items to the back of the cupboard or fridge, and bring your old ones to the front. That way, if they are not in the use me first box, they are still in sight and wont be forgotten.

Lastly, don't be afraid to freeze everything! If you buy herbs for one dinner, chop the rest up and freeze. I find bread goes off very quickly, so tend to throw all my bread, pitas and bagels into the freezer after opening.

If you found this helpful, or learnt something new, please share or comment below some of your tips! The more who know, the less waste 🍏🍎🍋🥑

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