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Helping people on their imperfect sustainable journey  through webinars, talks & workshops. Learn about tips on food waste prevention, upcycling, secondhand & conscious fashion all the while developing an appreciation for nature. Perfect for individuals, schools or businesses.

Give back by PAYING IT FORWARD. 

For every webinar, talk & workshop that is paid, the equivalent is given back to the community for free.

Sustainability Snack

A short and snappy Sustainability Lunch and Learn. Introduce your employees into the world of sustainability and why it is important. Give yourself, and your employees the power to change our every day choices to have a positive impact on the planet.


Topics covered:

Reducing food waste

Conscious consumption (energy, water, food, travel)

Mindful shopping 

Sustainability Service

A detailed look into sustainability, climate change and the nuances involved. This in person workshop gives those who has in interest in sustainability a deeper look into their choices, how to make them conscious choices that benefit the planet, and how to help others on their journey.

Topics include:

How our clothes are made

Having a big impact with small actions

Creating a community & inspiring others


Bespoke Services

All of my talks, webinars and workshops can be tailored to your needs. If there is something else you are looking for, pop me a message and lets work together!

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